DOE Isotope Program to host virtual roundtable with NRC on accelerator-produced Ac-225

Virtual meeting

Interested in learning about the regulatory landscape for using the DOE Isotope Program’s (DOE IP) accelerator-produced Ac-225 in your research? Please join us on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, from 2-4 p.m. (Eastern) for the DOE IP Virtual Roundtable on Accelerator-Produced Ac-225 with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The DOE IP is increasing routine supply of Ac-225. One production method is irradiation of thorium with high energy protons to produce Ac-225 through spallation which has the ability to produce significant quantities of Ac-225. This method co-produces Ac-227 that is ≤ 2% of total activity at time of product release. Users of this Ac-225 product are reporting tremendous labeling and research successes. The growing community of customers have questions regarding the regulatory landscape for using this material in their research. In response, the DOE IP is hosting a virtual roundtable where the DOE IP and the NRC will present information related to accelerator-produced Ac-225 and answer questions.

The first hour of the roundtable will consist of brief presentations from the DOE IP and NRC. The second hour will address questions from the community. The first questions to be answered will be those submitted at least a week ahead of the roundtable. 

Please click HERE to register for the event. You may also submit your questions during registration or send them to

We look forward to your participation.

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