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Research Scientist/Engineer 3

This laboratory position involves research and production of radionuclides for medical and other applications. A primary objective of the position is to ensure the University of Washington Radionuclide Production Laboratory (UWRPL) can safely and reliably produce the radionuclide astatine-211 (211At) for use in targeted alpha therapy research at UW and the Fred Hutch Cancer Center. The position also involves production and shipment of radionuclides of interest to other institutions through the National Isotope Development Center (NIDC). The position supports development of new processes for the production of high specific activity radionuclides, such as rhenium-186 and tin-117m. Additionally, this position is responsible for laboratory equipment maintenance, chemical inventory management and laboratory safety compliance. UWRPL is a member of the DOE University Isotope Network, and we develop methods for the production of medical radionuclides that are in high demand and short supply in collaboration with the UW Medical Cyclotron Facility.

Research Scientist/Engineer-Sr. Principal, Radiation Oncology

The purpose of this position is to operate, maintain, manage, and develop new capabilities of the UW Medical Cyclotron Facility (UWMCF).  This is the only facility worldwide offering fast neutron therapy for cancer patients and is currently the only facility nationwide supplying Astatine-211 for clinical trials of targeted alpha therapy. This position carries responsibility for operations, maintenance, and upgrades of the clinical cyclotron facility at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC), a unique system capable of producing variable energy beams of protons, alpha particles, deuterons, and 3He with only a few similar installations world-wide. The primary objective is to ensure the facility can safely and reliably deliver particle beams for neutron radiation therapy, isotope production, medical research, and radiation effects testing.  The position is also required to develop new equipment, methods, and particle beams in response to changing clinical and research requirements.  This position is responsible for all technical and budgetary management regarding the isotope production program, the research beamline program and the Clinical Neutron Therapy System program and directing and technical and support staff in the operation of the facility.  This position also oversees Radiation Effects testing efforts and Isotope target design.

Stable Isotope Research Professional

The Enriched Gaseous Chemistry Group is seeking a Stable Isotope Processing Research Professional who will focus on supporting research and operations associated with processing of enriched fluorinated and nonfluorinated gaseous materials of stable isotopes.  The group transforms stable isotopic material into gaseous products used by science and industry for cutting edge research and live-saving technologies. This position is part of the Plasma Enrichment, Science and Engineering section in the Enrichment Science and Engineering Division (ESED), at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and serves the nation by advancing enrichment technologies and providing enriched stable isotopes products.


We lead the R&D and production process development for delivering stable isotopes for medical, industrial, and DOE mission critical applications. As part of our research and processing team, you will work closely with a focused group of scientists, engineers, and technicians on challenging, fast-paced technical projects and operations in support of the DOE Isotope Program, and specifically associated with the rapidly growing field of stable isotope enrichment

NIDC Technical Manager

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory seeks to hire a Technical Manager. The position is in the National Isotope Development Center (NIDC), reporting to the NIDC Manager. The NIDC serves as an interface with the isotope user community and coordinates isotope production  across numerous program facilities (including ORNL) for the U.S. Department of Energy Isotope Program (DOE IP). The Technical Manager works directly with the NIDC staff and DOE IP program management to provide technical support on isotope production and distribution across multiple DOE production sites.  The Technical Manager provides support on development of new isotope production activities and the associated distribution supply chains.  The position will directly support specific needs of the NIDC Product Line Managers (PLM) to assist in implementing requirements for new product distribution.

Market Analyst

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory seeks to hire a Market Analyst. The position is in the National Isotope Development Center (NIDC), reporting to the NIDC Manager. The NIDC serves as an interface with the isotope user community and coordinates isotope production and distribution across numerous program facilities (including ORNL) for the U.S. Department of Energy Isotope Program (DOE IP). The Market Analyst works directly with the NIDC staff and DOE IP program management to perform market research on isotopes used for medicine, science, and industry. The analyst will assess and report market information specific to a particular isotope or service.  The position will make recommendations to the DOE IP regarding short and long-term strategies related to the global isotope market sectors.

Program Manager for Alternate Isotope Production

The DOE Isotope Program (DOE IP) produces critical isotopes in short supply to promote U.S. economic resilience and the nation’s technical and scientific strengths on a global stage. This position is for a Program Manager for Alternate Isotope Production in the Office of Isotope R&D and Production (DOE IP), Office of Science, Department of Energy. As an Interdisciplinary General Engineer/Physical Scientist in the DOE IP, you will serve as a recognized scientific authority and expert in radio-isotope separations, purification, and enrichment that does not utilize particle accelerators or reactors, and as such, has the responsibility to plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate this field on a national and international level.  

Postdoctoral Scholar

The Radionuclide Production and Molecular Radiotherapy Research Laboratories in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA) is seeking candidates for a Postdoctoral Scholar research position in radionuclide production for molecular radiotherapy. Our research group develops and evaluates radiochemistry methods that can be applied to produce and purify therapeutic and theranostic radionuclides, as well as development of radiolabeling reagents/chelators used for attaching radionuclides to biological targeting molecules, such as monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) for cancer therapy.  Preclinical research in astatine-211-labeled MAbs conducted by our group has been translated to the clinic and is presently being evaluated in multiple human trials.

The University of Washington Medical Cyclotron Facility is capable of producing variable energy proton, deuteron, alpha and high energy neutron beams for radionuclide production. The Postdoctoral Scholar in our research group will collaborate with UW Materials Science research groups and cyclotron engineers to develop new target designs for irradiations. It is planned that the candidate will visit and work with our collaborators at National Laboratories and other universities to develop production methods, including purification and radiolabeling, of medical radionuclides. The radiopharmaceuticals under development will be evaluated in animal models through collaborations with investigators in other research groups at the UW and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The initial appointment is one year, and the appointment is renewable depending upon performance and availability of funding. Anticipated start date is August 1, 2023.

Postdoctoral Appointee - Radiochemist

The Argonne Radioisotope Research and Production Program (R2P2) is conducting R&D and production demonstration experiments for accelerator-produced radioisotopes with applications in nuclear medicine. We are seeking outstanding candidates for postdoctoral positions to join this program. The successful candidate will be joining a team of chemists, physicists, and engineers conducting research and development related to radioisotopes for medical applications.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

The Yennello group at Texas A&M University has an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position as part of a DOE-sponsored program on radioisotope research and production with accelerator beams. The successful candidate will be invited to participate in an interdisciplinary research project involving the production, purification, and characterization of At-211 and the incorporation of At-211 into inorganic and organometallic compounds. Candidates experienced in handling radioactivity are particularly encouraged to apply.  Knowledge in synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry is also desirable even if not strictly required.  The candidate should have strong writing and communications skills with the ability to work as part of a team. The successful candidates will also be expected to develop radiolabeling protocols for various compounds and to perform radiochemical separations. A quality assurance procedure for At-211 production will be developed over the tenure of this position. This position will involve the handling of radioisotopes that are beta, alpha, gamma, and/or PET emitters and may involve the handling of hazardous chemicals so attention to details is a must.  The molecular aspects of the project will be carried out with input from (or under the joint supervision of) François Gabbaï. For questions about this position, please contact

Isotope Processing Research Technician

The Isotope Program (IP) in Inorganic, Isotope, and Actinide Chemistry (C-IIAC) Group produces and purifies radionuclides for medical and industrial applications as well as for fundamental research. We are looking for a Research Technician to join the team supporting processing operations and program maintenance activities in the IP Hot Cell (HC) facility. The HC facility is a laboratory designed to safely handle high dose rate radiological materials, and includes over a dozen telemanipulators to remotely handle these materials. Mission thrust areas within the team include supporting new materials and separation processes, development of processing methods, and applications of accelerator-produced radioisotopes. These materials are used for cutting edge medical treatments, imaging for cancer and heart disease, for industrial uses for example in oil and gas exploration, and in national security and government uses.