New domestic supply chain: Bromine-76 and Bromine-77

Bromine-76 and Bromine-77

This versatile radionhalogen theranostic pair has been used to form covalent bonds with organic structures for imaging and therapy since the 1980s, when low specific activity Br-77 was available from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Thanks to development in small cyclotron intermetallic targetry, and funding from the DOE Isotope Program, the University of Wisconsin makes both the PET imaging isotope (Br-76) and the Meitner-Auger electron-emitting or therapeutic (Br-77) available following a dry distillation purification process. Supported by DOE IP funding, the UW Cyclotron Research Group have developed four new production lines of isotopes at their facility, now available through the NIDC product catalog. 

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