Ytterbium-176 is Available Now!



The DOE Isotope Program is pleased to announce that Ytterbium-176 (Yb-176), in short supply globally, has been added to our catalog and is available for purchase in research quantities.

Yb-176 is a stable isotope used as starting material to produce Lutetium-177, which is used to treat prostate and other cancers with high success. Historically, Russia has been the world’s primary producer of this isotope whose supply chain is fragile and inadequate to meet world demand. The DOE IP is constructing the Stable Isotope Production and Research Center (SIPRC) that will be capable of producing significant quantities of enriched stable isotopes, including Yb-176. Until SIPRC is completed, the DOE IP is using available modern electromagnetic isotope separation technology developed for SIPRC to produce research quantities of Yb-176 to relieve pressure on the supply chain.

To obtain a quote for Yb-176, please submit your request at the link below.

Note: This material is not available for resale.

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